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    Integrated Utilization in C3/C4 LPG Process


      Liquefied C3/C4 is mainly from LPG produced from crude oil catalytic cracking, which can be further processed via paraffin dehydrogenation process and n-butene isomerization process.

      Propane and isobutane dehydrogenation reaction produces propylene and isobutylene. And isobutylene etherification produces MTBE which could be gasoline additive or feedstock of isobutylene to get IIR. These products are good in quality and in high yield and less environment pollutant.

      Through separation and refining process, C4 liquefied gas could produce high purity n-butene. And isobutene is made by isomerization reaction of n-butene, and then MTBE is made by isobutene etherification. The process flow of isobutene etherification is short. Equipment configuration is simple and easily operated. It reduces energy consumption, decreases investment, and improves flexibility of control. The process is mature and reliable.


      Process Feature of C4 Olefin Isomerization Technology:


      Fully utilization of olefin

      Producing high value MTBE by consuming low value methanol

      Most equipment material is carbon steel, which reduces investment

      High yield


      Process Features of C3/C4 Dehydrogenation Technology:


      Design for continuous operation process

      High utilization of feedstock

      Lower capital investment

      Lower utility consumption

      High reliability and easy operability

      Environmental friendly and safety